Lemon Squeezy Cocktail!

5th July 2017

Our easy, peasy summer cocktail!

We find that most cocktail recipes are over-complicated, include equipment which we don’t own and never turn out how you would expect. Somethings should be left to the incredibly talented Bar Wizards! But not this one… This one is simple which is exactly why we love it! It’s takes five minutes, has six ingredients (most of which you will probably have on your shelves) and can be prepared in advance. 


GIN 2 ounces (4 tablespoons)
FRESH LEMON JUICE 1/2 ounce (1 table spoon)
POWDERED SUGAR 1 teaspoon 
SODA WATER to the top
ROSEMARY one sprig per drink
LEMON SLICE one slice to garnish


Add the gin, lemon juice, sugar and sprig of rosemary in to a cocktail shaker.
(No cocktail shaker? No problem! Use a sports bottle or something with a lid!)
Add the ice cubes in to the glass and pour the mixture over the top. 
Add the soda water, about an inch for the top of the glass (or lower down for the seasoned gin-drinker!)
Add a slice of Lemon to garnish.

Stir and enjoy! 

It’s also really tasty as a soft drink, or so we are told…